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Coventry Wedding Photographer Beautiful natural documentary style Leica Wedding Photography / Film Wedding Photography. Photographer for Coventry wedding venues, Birmingham, London weddings, UK and overseas.
Wedding Photography (Coventry UK based wedding photographer) As a Leica wedding photographer / traditional film wedding photographer I love my job and photography has become my life passion / obsession! I think has become more expensive than a luxury handbag addiction for all the brides reading this and I now use over 30 cameras and probably 100 lenses! If I’m not playing with the various Hasselblad/ Leica/ “Other” cameras I am fumbling around in the dark rolling and developing/ processing my own film. On a wedding day I’m pretty sure I am always more excited than the couple when it comes to the photos as I love working with new people in new places, especially if warm and overseas (hint hint!) :)

I enjoy working as a documentary style wedding photographer (reportage photography) capturing your big day in a quiet yet energetic, calm and unobtrusive, and normally quite smiley manner with minimal disruption. I find smiles and laughter catch my eye first so please make sure your wedding guests are suitably primed with alcohol! With a female portraiture background I think my photography is strongly influenced by beauty, whether people, details, light or a special moment.

Hasselblad Wedding

Black & White Wedding Photography - B&W photography is a style close to my heart and places more emphasis on light, texture and form. A monochrome image simplifies a scene and allows the viewer to enjoy the moment captured without the distraction of colours. I offer a discounted B&W wedding photography package (with colour group photos) so please ask if interested!

Traditional Film Wedding Photography - I specialise in traditional film photography using Leica and Hasselblad film cameras whether it is model photography or for wedding photos. Traditional film (which I scan to digital) has a special timeless quality that I love. I enjoy the natural looking skin tones, the soft pastel colours and to me the more artsy looking image due to the way film renders a scene. If this sounds of interest to you then please mention it when booking. It would be my absolute pleasure to shoot part or all of your wedding on film!

Wedding Photographer Costs - please contact me for a quote as every wedding is different. My wedding photography price covers my photography on the day(s) and a complete set of edited watermark free, high resolution, printable images in JPEG format.

My Wedding Photography Style – Sadly my cameras don't have the popular full auto everything/ cruise control button that most sane pro wedding photographers use. Instead I get the pleasure of thinking for myself and by twiddling various knobs, buttons and dials I have the ability to control how each photo looks. I believe the human brain element and the choices I make result in different looking images to when an fully automated camera decides how a photo should look. I am a photographer not a computer operator. :)

Coventry Wedding Photographer

2017 Film Wedding Photography:
Coming Soon!

2016 Hasselblad / Leica Wedding Photography:
Sarah & Cris - Hotel Felix, Cambridge
Sarah & Ed - Tythe Barn, Bicester
Amy & Mike - Warwick House, Southam & Chesterton Windmill, Warwickshire

2015 Film Wedding Photography:
Hasselblad Wedding Photography
Alex & Lisa - Barton Hall Hotel, Northamptonshire
Amelia & Dan - Mamble Church & Rock Village Hall, Worcestershire
Caroline & Mike - Ellingham Hall, Northumberland

2014 Leica Wedding Photography:
Sam & Patrick - Upper House, Hayfield, Peak District
Alexa & Rich - Hatton Hall, Warwickshire
Claire & Chris - Bartholomew Barn, Sussex

2013 Leica Wedding Photography:
Josie & Craig - Ingon Manor, Warwickshire (Black & White Wedding Photography)
Debs & Paul - Over Barn, Gloucester

Selection of Wedding Photos:

Leica & Hasselblad Wedding

Digital Hasselblad Wedding

Film Wedding Photography - I offer clients the option of medium format film Hasselblad wedding photography images, either colour or in black and white. Colour film is very flattering and produces beautiful natural looking skin tones. Black and white film helps simplify a scene and there is more emphasis placed on an expression or emotion.

Hasselblad Wedding

Mamiya 645 Wedding

Hasselblad Wedding Photography

Hasselblad Film Wedding Photography

Wedding Dress Photo


Flickr - More wedding photography example photos

Coventry Wedding Venues - As a Coventry Wedding Photographer I cover some of the nicest wedding venues in Coventry and Warwickshire. Some of my favourite local wedding venues include Kenilworth Castle, Coombe Abbey Hotel and The Saxon Mill, Warwick. Clients also ask me to cover their wedding photography further afield in places such as Edinburgh, London, Europe and as far as India, Florida and Barbados.